Make A Custom Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

Arts & DIY


Teresina Hamments


1/1/19 - 1/15/19, MWF 1pm - 2pm


2850 N Pulaski Suite 3, Chicago , IL , 60641

Course Description

Arts & DIY

This fun and Swoon-worthy wood shop class will make useable and unique handcrafted pieces for your kitchen or living space. In this experience, students will be creating their very own wall-mounted bottle opener from reclaimed local barn wood. Students will be able to choose their own piece of reclaimed wood from our inventory and use our orbital sander to refine their board.

Using the drill press, students will drill the spot for the magnet that will catch the bottle tops. Using our software, students will be able to choose and laser etch their own design from a long list of options.

Design choices include the Chicago skyline, "Chicago" with flag stars, Chicago neighborhoods, zip codes, state boards, state outline with a starred location or their own name or phrase. Finally, students will drill and attach hardware.Â

Length on class varying on the number of students (45 min to 90 min approximately)

Directions Direction to Woodshop via Youtube


John Lansing on 4/6/2018

This course was amazing. I learned so much and had a wonderful time. The instructor took the time to make sure everyone in the course understood what was going on and was always avilable for questions. I will definitely be taking this course again.

Alice Harris on 4/2/2018

I had a blast and the instructor was great. Can't wait to do another course soon. Great job everyone.

David Brown on 8/4/2018

Would definitely do this again. Such an amazing experience. Great people in class and I learned so much. Thanks.


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