String Art Class

Arts & DIY


Etienne Rivers


1/1/19 - 1/15/19, MWF 1pm - 2pm


639 w. Diversey, Chicago , IL , 60614

Course Description

Arts & DIY

Join me for the latest art craze...string art! This art form involves making a work of art on a wood plaque using nails, string and glue.

All materials provided: Wood Plaque, Nails, Different Colored String, Glue


John Lansing on 4/6/2018

This course was amazing. I learned so much and had a wonderful time. The instructor took the time to make sure everyone in the course understood what was going on and was always avilable for questions. I will definitely be taking this course again.

Alice Harris on 4/2/2018

I had a blast and the instructor was great. Can't wait to do another course soon. Great job everyone.

David Brown on 8/4/2018

Would definitely do this again. Such an amazing experience. Great people in class and I learned so much. Thanks.


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