Intro to Burlesque

Fitness & Wellness


Ginnifer Wisson


1/1/19 - 1/15/19, MWF 1pm - 2pm


1819 W Grand Ave, Suite 201 Chicago , IL , 60622

Course Description

Fitness & Wellness

Always loved the art of burlesque and wanted to give it a try? Grab your girlfriends and change up your Sunday routine by bringing out your inner burlesque dancer. And don't worry, we won't be taking off any clothing--we're just here to work on our sexy moves.Join us in a welcoming environment to learn the basic steps in burlesque. Feel empowered among other women while dancing through the space with slow and teasy movements. Burlesque is all about the art of the tease and feeling sexy in your skin; this class is here for you to embrace your body and sexuality and discover your inner exotic creature. Class will be taught by Through the Body owner, Stephanie Escobedo. All participants will leave class with the knowledge of the basic burlesque steps as well as a choreographed dance to do with what you please. Along with dancing we will provide mimosas (champagne to help you get loose while you move).

Participants should wear comfortable clothing, heels are optional. A bottle of water is also suggested.

the space, music, and beverages!


John Lansing on 4/6/2018

This course was amazing. I learned so much and had a wonderful time. The instructor took the time to make sure everyone in the course understood what was going on and was always avilable for questions. I will definitely be taking this course again.

Alice Harris on 4/2/2018

I had a blast and the instructor was great. Can't wait to do another course soon. Great job everyone.

David Brown on 8/4/2018

Would definitely do this again. Such an amazing experience. Great people in class and I learned so much. Thanks.


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